The whole area of the village is 6439 ha , from which:

  - Inside the village: 424 ha

  - Outside the village: 6.015 ha

Outside the village from which: Area (ha)
Plough land 4.134

Vineyard 67
Wood 1.328
Pasture and meadow 21
Water-surface 224



  The agricultural land of the village can be characterized this way: soil, the so called “cernoziom” and a sandy soil.

  The traditional plants grown here are: corn, wheat, oat, vegetables, and melon. The main branch of the stock-raising is the breeding of the pig, neat, less that of the sheep. A lot of family raises horses for the sake of the agricultural works.

  We should mention that there is the possibility of growing industrial plants, such as the sugar-beet and the sunflower.


  Strong spots:

  - The agricultural land is very fertile

  - The growing of ducks and geese is a tradition and there is a great opportunity in it

  - Here are many hard-working farmers, farms and agricultural communities which are working effectively

  - There are some rentable stock-yards which have been developed for raising neat and horses



  - The use of geothermal water (in order to heat the greenhouses, etc.)

  - The foundation of some professional circles in order to get special information

  - The promotion of the access to the inner and outer income and the up-to-date use of it

  - The promotion of taking part in the economic network

  - The elaboration of the plans concerning the investment trusts

  - Teaching some of the employees from town how to apply these plans

  - Organizing some exhibitions for the farmers and informing them about the importance of using modern technology and bicultural methods

  - The formation of new areas for bioculture

  - The foundation of the center of private economic machines

  - The foundation of some centers for the reparation and servicing of these machines

  - The continuing professional education of the local farmers in winter, in other fields, too

  - Visiting some farms which have reached special achievements

  - The foundation of a center which take over and sell agricultural products by the gross

  - Procuring seed-corn of high quality

  - The local growing of some agricultural products