The short description of the settlement

  Tarcsa is located in the north part of Bihar County; it is an ancient settlement; the first official document is from the year 1163 where it is mentioned as Thorsa. Several years later it appears in the documents as Torsa, Tarcha, Tarcia, Tarczia, Tarcza, Dartsfa, Tarsta, Ér-Tarcsa (1851).

  Under the reign of the Turks the settlement was totally destroyed, between 1692 and 1695 it was deserted. From 1720 the number of the population has begun to grow slowly.


History of Adoni

  Once the name of the village was Odun, then it became Odon. In the 13 th century the son of Ivánka, Odon was mentioned in the registrations, as a landlord, thus he must have been the nominal owner of the village.

In 1262 it was the property of the Gutkeled stem. At the end of the 13 th century earl Kereki János was the owner of the settlement, then the bishop of Zágráb called Éberhard.

From the beginning of the 15 th century and till the end of it, there were some other owners of its parts such as the families like: the Adonyi, the Szepesi and the Udory.

At the beginning of the 20 th century the Haller family built a beautiful castle here, which has totally disappeared by now. Once there was a castle at the border of the village, nowadays its traces can hardly be found. Some years before here was the most famous thermal bath from the Érmellék. Nowadays, thanks to the rural mismanagement, it doesn't exist any more.

In 1886 there were 716 inhabitants in the village. This number remained the same also today. 95% of the population of the village is Hungarian. Beside them some Gypsy and Romanian families live here, in Adony.