The water-supply in Tarcsa is of 35%, which means that 350 houses are bound to the system. There are no drainage and natural gas network.

  Electricity is of 100%, it is bound in 1016 houses.

  The telephone-network is of 12,5%, it means that there are 125 clients. The cable television is not introduced here.



  - The execution of the plan about the drinking water-supply

  - The realization of the drinking water-network

  - The constant observation and supervision of the quality of drinking water and the water of the wells

  - The conscious education of the population about the importance of the clean drinking water regarding also our health

  - Official arrangements for the economical use of drinking water

  - The systematic execution of drainage and water-purification inside the town and in the ambient settlements

  - The exploitation of the modern possibilities of the ambient savage-purification


  The total length of the village-road is 21 km , from which 3 km is blacktopped; this is only 3% of the whole network.

  There is no railway station in the village; the closest one is in Érmihályfalva, at 7 km .


Quality Total inside-road in km Local administration Total length of road in km County-road in km
r e i e
Blacktopped 0,7 0 0 21 0 3
Cart-road 9.3 9.3 8.7 0 0
Totally 10 9.3 8.7 0 3



  - Working out some infrastructural projects

  - Training of specialists among the employee of the Mayor's Office for the implementation and use of the projects

  - Getting financial support for the spread of the phone-network

  - The repair and the upkeep of the ditches and pavements



  - Getting financial support for the expansion of the infrastructure